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Church management through effective scheduling has never been easier !

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Organize all your church activities with one system. Ideal church management software for the wide variety of appointments required with church scheduling.

With most church scheduling those acessing the system may not be familiar with the calendar software. With this in mind our software is designed so that anyone can just walk up and start scheduling with minimum assistance.

We believe that you will find reviews of our products and our list of satisfied customers quite impressive. (Used for event & church scheduling around the world.

"We recommend Facility Master to all of our new customers. COMSEC has been developing scheduling software for years and has a reputation for creating intuitive, flexible scheduling systems. Our customers have compared Facility Master to systems selling for 3 or 4 times as much" ... Sedgwick computers

". within 30 minutes of placing the first disk in the drive I was effectively scheduling facilities." - "Superior Rating" - "Excellent buy" - "strong customer support orientation" - "Facility Master has an intuitive, easy feel" ... Medical Software Reviews.

A scheduling software system for those who don't have time to spend training everyone on how to schedule an event, appointment or other activity.

"Reserving everything from rooms to the office appointment, Facility Master is changing the way organizations look at managing their reservations."

"Programming complexity usually increases as additional features are added, however COMSEC has been able to avoid this dilemma with a unique
interface" .... Compu-News 

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Reduce the clutter

Save resource dollar$

Say good bye to Booking errors

Facility Master II Scheduling Software

Setup a complete scheduling system in minutes.

Rooms - Events - Services - Appointments

"Parish of 4,700 families and 16,000 people in over 100 organizations. Facility Master keeps us from going crazy. Scheduling meetings, seminars, Baptisms, Masses, athletics, you name it" ... Daniel Summins, St Isidore Catholic Church

Facility Master II has the flexibility to handle

all of your scheduling requirements.

Scheduling as easy as the

point & click of a mouse !

Just move to a facility column, select the time and drag your mouse for the appointment duration, it's that easy.

The power of Facility Master has just begun.

Now you can attach notes, service requests, setups or even schedule additional equipment or key personnel.

Facility Master II actually provides a

'schedule with the schedule'.


Novell - NT - Peer to Peer - Lantastic

Sold with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Order Now - It's about time !

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